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The following testimonials were received by us by either email or post mail from our customers throughout the world. ViSwiss works differently for each person and the specific results mentioned in the testimonials are not guaranteed for 100% of ViSwiss users.

A man holding a ViSwiss bottle"Hi! I'm Phil, I am 58 years old and was experiencing some difficulty maintaining an erection for any length of time. On my Doctor's advice I tried prescription drugs but, the headaches were annoying and for some reason my erection didn't feel real. It was as if I was using something that didn't belong to me, strange feeling. Since I started using ViSwiss sex is much more enjoyable for both myself and my wife. I feel like a new man. It's like I have found the fountain of youth. With ViSwiss I have had no annoying side affects unlike the prescription drugs, which I found distracted me from enjoying the act of sex. ViSwiss has made me feel like a new and younger man. It's a great feeling, my wife and I are both happier as a result. I highly recommend ViSwiss if you are having problems of this nature. I even told my doctor about ViSwiss and he's happy for me, he asked me for the URL address so he could read up on it himself.
He's about my age too, so I hope it works as good for him as it does for me."
- Phil D. - Canada
A happy oldman holding a ViSwiss bottle"HI am 64 years of age with diabetes and take blood pressure medication. I was experiencing erection problems not being rigid enough and since taking ViSwiss my sexual experiences have greatly improved and the satisfaction of fulfilled enjoyment is complete. When making I feel like I'm a young man in his twenties again. I fully recommend ViSwiss as a sexual enhancement. This product will greatly improve your love making and satisfaction to your partner will be greatly enhanced."
- Joshua T. Long Island, NY
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"This really works. My wife always reminds me to reorder! I took it for 3 months without telling her. One night, before she knew, she told me to "be careful with that thing."
- Howard S.
"This is a great product. You can see the difference in a few days. I highly recommend it."
- Joe E.
"I have been taking ViSwiss now for over three months. My problem with occasional impotence has diminished greatly and my libido is getting healthier by the day'even at my 60 + years of age. Thanks Nathans Natural for making a great product!"
- Stan S.
"Ordered this for my husband, after he showed it to me online. The first time he took it, it worked to help with reaching a full hard erection, and I loved it. Now he takes it everyday and'enjoys the benefits. Just one week so far - can not wait for the long term effects to be reached! Thank you, ViSwiss."
- Teresa M.
"I have tried many of the male enhancement formulas available. Every single one of them had side effects (e.g., nervousness, sweating). After reading the many positive testimonials for ViSwiss I decided to give it a try. I am not disappointed at all! It has been everything it claims to be. I have noticed my erections are stronger and I am bigger. I feel fuller and the intensity of my orgasms is fantastic -- I don't ever want to go back to the way they were. Moreover, the strength of my ejaculations has increased -- I may be 47 years old, but I'm now ejaculating again with the strength I had in my 20s. After about 10 days using it, my wife actually said she thought I was bigger. She doesn't know I am using the product, so I take her comment to be independent verification of the effectiveness of this product (I'm not just imagining it). This product is now a part of my daily regimen. I will never give it up. I strongly urge anyone considering this product to give it a try."
- Craig F.
"I'm 48 years old and all I can say is that ViSwiss has given me that extra bit of "oomph" I needed. Now I have my confidence back and am currently dating a younger woman. Thanks ViSwiss!"
- Pierre E.
"About five months ago, I started dating a 26 year old, intelligent, gorgeous, blonde woman. I was amazed she was interested in me, as I'm forty-one and not in the best shape anymore...We started having regular sex almost every night and most mornings/afternoons as we both work at night in a restaurant. Problem was, it wasn't lasting long for me and I wasn't satisfying her. This started to frustrate me, not to mention her, and it caused some friction between us that lead to me almost losing her. I researched some products online and received my pills 3 weeks ago...needless to say, she can't get enough of me now. My stamina is better, my orgasms are more intense and we've also noticed a change in my girth. She's also had more orgasms in the past two weeks than she had in the first four months of our relationship. It's given me more confidence and made our relationship so much better... SEND ME MORE!!!"
- John G.
"I really didn't expect much change when I started using this product but the effects were great. I have more stamina and more of a sex drive. My wife loves it!"
- Patrick P.
"ViSwiss makes sex so much better. I noticed I have a bigger size and my girlfriend loves it!"
- Norman T.
"I have been using viwiss for about 1 month and have noticed no size increase, but I have noticed an increase in my "staying power". I seem to be able to keep an erection for a lot longer since I started taking the ViSwiss. For me it's worth it, because the Cialis gave me headaches."
- Kamal G.
"Dear Customer Service Team at ViSwiss, LLC. I have been using ViSwiss for nearly a year. The benefits of this product are excellent. It's increased my sexual drive, advanced my control over my orgasms and my P. is larger, harder during sex. I must say, I am very impressed with ViSwiss since I have been taking them daily. Now I want to get close to my girl friend every minute I can... All I can say: ViSwiss is the best product for me compared to several products I used them before.I do like this product and I recommend to all of my friends so far... "
- Rogers D.
"My name is Gary and I received ViSwiss last week. It has done an amazing job for my sexual activity. I know that I will be ordering more. Thank You."
- Gary H.
"Hello, following is my testimonial of ViSwiss. I have been using ViSwiss for almost a year now and am a customer for life now! ViSwiss has revived my tired libido with a daily sexual appetite, no matter how exhausted I am. It has also produced some of the most full, hard and long lasting erections I have ever had! The sensations received during intercourse are much more intense also. My wife is much more vocal in bed than before!!! Thank you ViSwiss!"
- Pete O.
"Hi, I have been using your product for a year now and I am very pleased with the results! I have definitely reaped the benefits from ViSwiss, I recently had a physical and the results were excellent. I was told that my Cholesterol was at 59 and the blood flow in my veins is like that of a twenty year old. I am 37 years old! I want to thank you for creating such a natural product!"
- Antonio D.
"I have never tried a product that works so well and so immediately. The orgasms I receive are tremendous and sensational and don't take forever to achieve."
- Lawrence B.
"My wife loves this! It is the best thing we ever did for our love life. Thanks!!"
- Doug W.
"Just wanted to say thanks; your product really works. What a difference it has made for me. My wife asked, "Who this new man was she's been sleeping (actually not sleeping much) with." Anyone reading this with questions about ViSwiss - let me tell you it works. Go ahead and try it, you won't be disappointed."
- Charles P.
"Men: If you have been delaying trying ViSwiss, YOU ARE CHEATING YOURSELVES!!! I am a 46 year old male; athletic, with a physically demanding job. We all know as you progress in age, our bodies don't respond or perform as they did years ago. I have tried several other male enhancement products, but became truly discouraged, as I did have some success, [but] I did not care to deal with the various unpleasant side affects that came with using those products. I had heard about ViSwiss months ago from my doctor, but hesitated to try it due to my past experiences. After many, many, frustrating nights of not quite performing as I felt I could have, I decided to look into ViSwiss. The first selling point was, I could not find any information about any side effects that would be connected with the use of ViSwiss. So I talked it over with my wife, and we decided to try ViSwiss. I still want to kick myself for not trying ViSwiss a long time ago! I now have my confidence back, and enjoy a much awaited returned active sex life! After taking ViSwiss for three days, my sexual appetite was vastly improved, and my wife is totally pleased with the new me! If you have not tried ViSwiss yet, you owe it to yourself as well as your significant other! You too will be disappointed that you delayed trying it! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making ViSwiss; you now have yet another loyal customer!"
- Tyrone B.
"I have been taking ViSwiss for the past 45 days (now on my second bottle). I must say, the results I have seen have been well worth it. I have seen a huge change in my size and my sex life is better than ever. What more could I ask for? I have increased my stamina and I truly am more confident."
- Mo K.
"I took 2 pills before meeting my girlfriend and she asked me after sex if I had taken something, because I was unusually bigger and longer lasting, I didn't give up my secret and we had sex 3 more times that night, I'm buying more so I never run out!"
- Jared P.
"I had a problem with premature ejaculation. With This product I was pretty skeptical. I took it the first day, and I noticed an increase in my sexual drive. My gf was away so when she came back, and I tested it on her, she noticed something which is I am "stronger" than usual. And I noticed that my control has improved and my strength increased! She told me she never felt that way before since the beginning! This thing really works! I am surprised by it myself."
- Johnny.
"I would like to warmly thank you for ViSwiss. On my word the night I took the two little bullets just like recommended. After about 1/2 hour my Passion was unstoppable in the foreplay action my fiance Shaundeen never experienced an orgasm in her whole life but thanks to the little blue bullet she had multi-orgasms and I lasted for over 5 hours - what a time of are lives. Thank You for Making A Top Shelf Product. P.S. My wife Shaundeen as of Aug 25 2005 said she would never marry a man that could not give hear a real orgasm. THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME GET MARRIED."
- Curtis and Shaundeen
"Thanks to the ViSwiss you have sent me, my sex life has returned to great.. The way it ought to be.. I am thankful for such a product... My partner loves what ViSwiss has done for me..She loves sex as much as I...."
- Joe
"Hello my name is Billy. I ordered your product and was really doubtful that it would work but after taking the pills for only two days I could see a significant difference in my erection... I highly recommend ViSwiss to anyone."
- Billy
"I received my order a week ago and already I am seeing results. I have tried other products but none have given me actual results and so soon. My wife and I have been married 12 years and this helps put the spice back in our lives. Thanks ViSwiss."
- Troy
"Using ViSwiss has improved my self confidence and marriage. At 52, I noticed my ability to maintain an erection was decreasing dramatically. Since I have been using your product I feel its just like old times again. I am sure glad I discovered your product!"
- Jerry
"My wife ordered this product for me several months ago and I really didn't want to try it at first because I didn't see anything wrong with our sex life. Now that I have tried ViSwiss, I didn't know what I was missing out on. This product is great and has definitely saved our marriage. I just placed my second order on this product and will continue to use it for years to come... I would definitely recommend this product to everyone I know. It is great!!!!!!!"
- John
"I have definitely been enjoying the improvement in our sex life since I ordered the ViSwiss for my man. His drive is incresed. He is harder and lasts longer. It makes our sex more passionate and our climaxes more intense. Thank you for this wonderful enhancing product!"
- Jessica
"Great product. Brought our sex life back to the beginning! Thanks"
- Catherine
"I was skeptical so I took some actual measurements before using your product. After only 2 weeks my penis is significantly larger when erect. My wife noticed the increased size the very first day that I started using ViSwiss. She commented, 'You really seem bigger tonight'. She hasn't commented on my penis size in years. When we actually had intercourse, she screamed, 'You Definitely are huge! Whatever you have done, keep doing it!' We have also gone from making love 2 times per week, to every day, 16 times in total, for 14 straight days with no let-up in sight. All of this after 26 years together. My re-order for 4 more packages was just processed. The best investment that I have EVER made!" "
- Dave
"I must say I am very impressed with ViSwiss so far. My stamina is tripled, the sensations feel different (more sensitive & pleasurable, yet in control). And this after only three days! Wow!"
- Andrew B.
"Since I've been taking ViSwiss, the control I've had over my orgasms has been awesome. Mine were happening way too quickly and my girlfriend was never reaching her orgasms before I was done. It was not a fair sexual relationship and I was starting to feel guilty which was giving me a complex. With ViSwiss, I honestly have more power in the decision of when I reach my climax. I have the strength to contract the orgasm and wait until she has her orgasm first. I can even control it enough so that we can arrive their together, which is wonderful."
- Dillan N.
"Just placed my second order for ViSwiss and am happy to report that it has increased my sexual desire to what it was several years ago! Thanks!"
- Tom K.
"ViSwiss is a wonderful product. It has increased my stamina and firmness. I love the product! Thanks for making such a wonderful thing!"
- Mitch C.
"I am 46 years old with a 28 year old girlfriend, and was feeling as if I was not satisfying her. My erections were not as hard as before and I seemed to have less stamina. After considerable thought I bought a 2 month supply of ViSwiss. To be honest, I never trusted the claims made companies selling these type of products, but thought I would at least try what appeared to be the best of the bunch. I never told my girlfriend that I was taking something, but about 10 days after I starting taking the pills she asked, "what are you taking" and commented that my erection was harder and bigger than normal. She even "accused" me of having surgery. Now, over 4 months later, I take my pills everyday and I notice better stamina, harder erections, more control, and most importantly, a more satisfied partner. She recently told me, "don't forget to re-order your pill." Thank you ViSwiss."
- Brian R.
"After taking ViSwiss, I noticed a difference right away in my abilitity to achieve an erection. My wife is a much happier woman thanks to your wonderful product! I'm a customer for life."
- David S.
"I have been using ViSwiss for about a month and it works great. My sex drive has never been higher. I've taken 2 tablets in the morning for the past 30 days. I seem to have noticed a small increase in size, but more importantly for me, ViSwiss provides me with stamina. I love it!"
- Hans V.
"After reading the reviews on this site and some other sites, I decided to give ViSwiss a try. Boy, was I glad I did. ViSwiss is a remarkable product and gives me no side effects like my other scripts. I am switched for good. Thanks for making this product as I now get no more headaches and my wife still loves me!"
- Dennis B.
"Emailing you to let you know how your wonderful product has changed our lives. I am really having a great time."
- Brian F.
"I definitely noticed an increase in the orgasm pleasure threshold, and more control of that release."
- Todd H.
"ViSwiss has made a big difference in our lives. We have had the best sex ever."
- Tony F.
"I was a little embarrassed to offer my dear husband a supplement to enhance our vigorous and healthy love life, however he is an adventurous gentleman. Since taking the supplement for a month, we notice it has added a new dimension to an already wonderful relationship!"
- Carol S.
"Last night my girlfriend came home from school and it was the best time we had ever had. Thank you. It has helped my control immensely."
- Bradley
"I have been taking ViSwiss for almost a month now. As a matter of fact I am just about to re-order another supply because I have been pleasantly surprised at the results. Thank You."
- Mark
"ViSwiss has been a tremendous help to my marriage and my overall confidence in the bedroom. I have tried other products and none have worked as well [and] without the side effects... Thank you very much. A very satisfied customer."
- John
"ViSwiss is truly a "turn-on pill." My orgasms are stronger and my erections are harder. My partner is happy, but I keep the blue pill a secret from her. She thinks I'm just getting younger...Thanks for my new blue pill friend."
- Michael
"My wife got the ViSwiss for me at the beginning of August. I have been taking it for about 2 and a half weeks now. I have definitely noticed a difference in the firmness and stamina of my erections. I have also been able to have 2 and 3 orgasms in the same night. I am 55 years old, so this is wonderful, and my wife would agree whole heatedly. She has been very pleased. I have also found myself thinking and desiring sex more often so my libido has increased. Thanks."
- Gary
- John
"WOW, I always had great control but this made it so easy to maintain. Wife is not complaining either. I have noticed size difference in a short time along with additional firmness. Thanks."
- Arlen
"I tried the little blue pills and experienced a stuffed up nose and blue halo in my vision that disrupted my whole evening, yeah I got an erection but I could not breath thru my nose, It left me frustrated. I have since tried many popular pills as seen on TV, and took them as directed for months, and none of them worked at all, so I gave ViSwiss a try and wow! was I amazed" not only did I get an erection in 20 minutes, but I also got aroused again seeing women and had sexual energy and desire and was able to have a controlled erection for days."
- Dave D.
"ViSwiss is excellent! I am able to hold an erection longer, I gained some size and width. I was about to turn to that other blue pill but did not want to go through the doctor and the cost of the it so I turned to this product. Again, excellent product!"
- O.T.
"Really works the first time I tried it."
- Edward D.
"I used ViSwiss for the first time and I could not believe the results! I will be re-ordering soon! Thanks!"
- Ken S.
"Wow!" That is what my wife say's after sex now. She can attest to the wonders of ViSwiss. I have been taking one pill a day for 6 months now. Of course there are days I miss but the improvement is amazing. My penis is longer and thicker. Again my wife say's "WOW!" Why? Because I can maintain my immense erection right to her powerful orgasm. Now when I thrust into her, I touch her uterus and she loves it!!! Thanks ViSwiss for the great sex!"
- Vlad H.
"ViSwiss works for me. I'm 56 years old. I have an enlarged prostate (BPH) and erectile dysfunction (ED). After taking ViSwiss my penis is larger in its flaccid state, I can achieve and maintain erections. And unlike Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis; ViSwiss enhances my orgasms, in duration and more importantly in pleasure!"
- Martin H.
"Hi! I have tried ViSwiss for two months. My experience is that I have a lot more lust; i.e. I am more horny (sorry for my language), and I think more of sex."
- B. Fonnesbech, Denmark
"I have been using ViSwiss for about 2 1/2 months and I can't believe how my volume has increased and how my rebuild time is much shorter as well. I am a 62 year old married man and even my wife has noticed the difference. Thanks ViSwiss!"
- William G
"ViSwiss is THE BEST ALL-NATURAL product on the market!!! My erections last longer and are much harder! I use it every day and my girlfriend loves what it has done for our sex life as well. I highly recommend ViSwiss to anyone and everyone!"
- Christopher E.
"ViSwiss is the best product I've ever taken. As soon as I started taking the pills I felt an immediate difference! My erection was harder than ever before without any strange side-effects. I am already seeing a change in size, and my girlfriend just can't believe how great our sex-life has become."
- Robert R.
"My boyfriend brought back a supply of ViSwiss from a recent visit to the States. I can vouch for the fact that his libido has increased, we're in our 30's and used to make love just a couple of times a week but now it's 4 or 5 times. I don't know if his erections are! bigger now as he's pretty big down there anyway - but he definately stays big and hard right from the start, so to be honest (hope this doesn't sound too crude)he makes me cum like a bunny! I've always been aware that my boyfriend tends to ejeculate rather a lot of sperm, presumably because of having a big penis, and I've noticed he still ejeculates as much as before, even if we make love 3 or 4 nights running, so maybe you ought to give your customers' wives and girlfriends some advice about contraception! Satisfied customer!!"
- Stacey M.
"I have been taking ViSwiss for a couple weeks so far. I feel that I have gotten great results. I do not have increased length or girth, but I get harder faster and easier. My erections are much harder. Just like good ol' times!"
- Winny L.
"After I took these pills, I couldn't believe I made love all night to my girlfriend, the next morning her cat jumped on my lap and I was ready to go again."
- Yamin A.
"I have been taking ViSwiss for about 4 months now and I really do love it. It gives me more pleasure and I definately notice that I am not so much larger but am able to get erections easier. I also not have any side effects which is a plus for me because with the other "blue pill", I used to get serious headaches. I recommend ViSwiss to everyone."
- Pancham V.
"My wife and I had no sex life. Somewhere along the way, my ability to perform had died. I had tried numerous products. I'm glad that I found ViSwiss!!!!!! What a difference it has made. Thank you so much."
- Roger D.P.
"I can't believe the results I got from using this product. My stamina is the greatest it has ever been and my sex drive is off the charts!! Thank you for this amazing product!!!"
- Chris S.
"Hello! My husband Michael and I decided to try ViSwiss in a last ditch effort to getting our love life back in order. I was skeptical and so was he but we figured with the money back guarantee we couldn't go wrong. We just ordered the one month supply to try it out. Now, my husband is one of those people that will tell you something is not working even if it is. We were having sex maybe once a month, maybe. Me being 27 years old, and my husband just a few years older I thought that we would be a lot more active. We are so much in love. We talked about it many times, but all he would ever say was he didn't feel like it. I tried everything I could to possibly jump-start the feelings, but to no avail. When I started questioning myself I knew that we were at a stalemate. Within one week of taking ViSwiss I noticed a difference. He would be more lovey-dovey to me during the day, and we were intimate more times in this last month than we have been in ages. The highlight of the experience was when he told me that he felt like ViSwiss was working too. He wanted to test it out and stopped taking them for a week and felt a difference. Needless to say I just ordered a 4 month supply. Thank you so much for your help. There are no words that I know of to tell you how grateful we are for this product."
- Jessica M.
"Hi... I have been using ViSwiss for a year now. This is my fourth order with you and I want to tell you what a great product you have. I am 43 and my sex drive has not been like it used to be, so I decided to try an all natural approach... Since using ViSwiss I have been able to perform on demand whenever the situation is right. ViSwiss is a great product and I have recommended it {to} all my friends. It makes me feel like I am back in my twenties. Thanks for providing such a great product."
- Jay D.
"From the beginning, ViSwiss worked for me. I'm pleased with your product."
- Jeffry W.
"ViSwiss has revitalized our sex life. It really works! We always knew that there was something missing in our sex life. ViSwiss has fulfilled that need, and now we are able to enjoy each other to the fullest."
- Jeffry W.
"Hey guys...If you are in need of a little extra lead in your pencil, look no farther than ViSwiss. This stuff really works and it starts working with the first capsule."
- Gary B.
"I would just like to say that ViSwiss is amazing. I can't remember the last time I had such a strong and long lasting erection. WOW! Thanks ViSwiss."
- Buck F.
"I just wanted to let you know that I have tried your product and IT WORKS GREAT! I have tried a couple of similar products, but with no luck. After weeks of trying others I had no effect. Granted, the others say you need to try it for at least 3 months to see if it works... If it hasn't done anything in a few weeks, it's useless, in my opinion. So, I tried ViSwiss. The FIRST night I took them I had very good results and was quite pleased. On the second night I took them the results were AMAZING! I was ROCK HARD and stood up like a telephone pole. And I could go and go and go without needing to "release" until I wanted to. It was FANTASTIC! I'm 44 now, but I might as well have been 24... THANKS! I am a satisfied customer, and my wife is an extremely satisfied customer! Thanks again!"
- Benny T.
"Thanks for the "magic" ViSwiss that you provided to us. We had an unprecedented satisfactory experience with it. Congratulations for the wonderful product. Thanks again!"
- Rong Z.
"I ordered ViSwiss for my husband. He's been taking it for about a week now. We have seen...amazing results. ...definitely been positive results. Thank You."
- April J.
"I am writing you to give credit where credit is due. I started taking ViSwiss with apprehension because of the get huge overnight miracle creams, pills, or any other kind of "they get rich, you get nothing" schemes to enlarge the penis programs. I took the first dose about 1 hour prior to intercourse and what happened next was outrageous. My wife actually asked, "Did I use an enhancer over my own penis?" I am a true believer now and will continue using your product. My hat is off and underwear also, now much more than ever because of my wife's new found love...my penis. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
- C. Todd R.
"Just wanted to say, "What a great product." Once I took ViSwiss, in a matter of days I could see a difference. I feel more aroused and feel more pleasure. You save my life ViSwiss! I will be a customer for life. Keep up the good work."
- Al W.
"I bought a 30 day supply of ViSwiss, not sure if it would really work. Well I just ordered for 3 months. ViSwiss really works!! I am able to stay in control of the evening. I never used to be able to have sex more than 1 time a night, now I can go as many times as I want until we are exhausted. My sex drive was very low. Now I am so horny all the time!! It is a great product!! When I ran out I thought my world was coming to an end. Thank you for such a great product!!"
- Raymond S.
"I would like to say, "This product really works." My stamina and control have increased (2 weeks on product) tremendously. Thanks!"
- James F.
"I have used these pills a few times and noticed more pleasure. And I could tell she received more pleasure as well."
- Andrew Jr. F.
"I received ViSwiss in the mail and... it met my expectations and then some. I think this product is one of the best of its kind!! I do recommend this product to anyone who wants to enhance their experiences in bed. It's great!!! Thank you!!."
- Kyle K.
"I first began using ViSwiss in mid 2004. Originally, I purchased the 4 month supply. It was not until I STOPPED using it that I realized what a big difference it had made. While I was using it, my girlfriend (now wife) at that time commented about my rigidity and thickness. I stopped taking it when my supply ran out. Some MONTHS later, I realized that my erections were not as ridged and full. Hmm. One evening, as I pondered this, it dawned on me: the only thing different was that I had stopped taking ViSwiss. It was then I realized what a fantastic product it is, and how much it had improved my sexual enjoyment (not to mention my wife's). I am now on it again and am realizing improvements already!! Thanks for the great product."
- Ernie W.
"I began using ViSwiss only about 2 and half months ago, but I saw results very quickly. I was very pleased with the increase in size and overall width while using ViSwiss. I have recently measured and I gained an 1 inch and half just in length, with approximately 1 inch more in width. I reccomend this product to anyone that isnt happy with his size. Thanks ViSwiss!"
- H.N.
"I gave some to my husband who is 55 ,sometimes he can't get quite firm enough in his erection so he goes soft and we both end up frustrated, but thanks to ViSwiss we are back making love better than we did in our honeymoon, thanks ViSwiss!"
- Mona J.
"I'm 52 years old and this product has turned the stifness clock back to when I was 19. Holy smokes!"
- Ray N.
"I heard of this product from a friend of mine. I left on vacation with my wife a few weeks ago and wanted to try something new as a suprise. I never would have thought that Avela would have worked so well. This was the first time I have tried a sexual enhancement product and was SHOCKINGLY suprised. Thank you for your great product!"
- Larry Z.
"I was skeptical at first, but after using ViSwiss for a couple of days I noticed a big improvement. I can't wait to see the results after few more weeks. I have tried many other products before, but nothing has compared to ViSwiss. Looking forward to trying other products your company offers. Thanks."
- Dan F.
"My wife and I have tried many different things to boost our sex life, but nothing we tried compared at all to the joy we got with ViSwiss. My staying power increased, and the firmness of my erections was awesome! Thanks to the people at Nathans Natural!"
- Mike M.
"I was not performing the way I used to'My erections were not as hard and I had lost my libido. I started exercising and eating better'and there was a slight improvement. However, I only started feeling like my 'old-self''after taking ViSwiss. I am a love-machine once more and my girlfriend is now complaining that she can't keep up with me. I am 40 years old and feel like 20 since taking this product. My confidence'and my sexual prowess have completely returned. Thank you ViSwiss!"
- Rommel M.
"The first time I tried ViSwiss my wife reached climax sooner than she ever had before... and it just gets better! Since I started using ViSwiss, I've felt excellent about my sex life - it's satisfying and empowering, and I still can't believe it comes from a pill! ViSwiss is worth every penny!"
- C.M.
"I am so amazed what using ViSwiss has done for my sex life! I have fuller erections, and less "down-time" between them as well. Thank you ViSwiss for giving me a healthy sex life again!"
- William H.
"I am into my second month of using ViSwiss, and I just ordered my third supply of this wonderful product. I have found that this product is truly everything that your Company informed me about in your "FAqs" information, and has enhanced my sexual prowess, and performance in ways far above my expectations. I am 69 years of age, and I am once again performing sexually as I was when I was in my thirties. I am totally amazed at how fast your products bring results with absolutly ! no adverse side effects to my body. I have this great feeling that I have discovered the "all illusive fountain of youth". Thumbs up to Nathans Natural."
- Rolf L.
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